The DML Facial Expression Database will be made available to faculty members upon request. Researchers wishing to obtain the database fill the following form. Your request will be surveyed. If your request be accepted then you will received an email containing a user-name and password to download the database. You can download within 48 hours from receiving the email. Please before downloading the databases read following License carefully and agree with it.

LicenseĀ for using the DML Facial Expression Database

This database is publicly available. It is free for research staff. All publications and works that use this facial expression database must reference the FEDB site (

Permission to use but not reproduce or distribute the DML Facial Expression Database is granted to all researchers given that the following steps are properly followed:

1. Fill the following form for downloading the database. You will need a user-name and password to access the files of this database.

2. All submitted papers (or any publicly available text) that uses or talks about the the DML Facial Expression Database must cite the FEDB site (

3. Permission is NOT granted to reproduce the database or posted into any webpage that is not the DML Facial Expression Database.

4. Written permission must be obtained from site administrator if a faculty member desires to share the database with her/his co-workers or students. Even then, the database cannot be posted on a web-page accessible from outside the DML.

5. None economical profit can be obtained from this database. Use is restricted to computer vision algorithm development and testing.

6. This database is publicly available for academic use only. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy we cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions. Use of this database is free of charge. Commercial distribution or any act related to commercial use of this database is strictly prohibited.

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